Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to sign up to receive Beats?

Nope. Everything is free and ready for you to put to good use.

In a Nutshell, what am I allowed to do with these beats and how am I permitted to use them?


Use these beats for demo's, mixtapes and commercial recordings [Free of Charge]

Use these beats for TV, radio, internet and film productions [Free of Charge]

Use these beats as backing tracks for live performances [Free of Charge]


Sell or redistribute these beats as your own instrumental beats.


Credit the author of the work - Producer's name can be found on the audio player. Example: "File Name - Producer's Name".

You mention there are 100's of free beats for download - how do I download all of them?

You can access all the beats we have available in one location by going here. On this page you can browse the beats one-by-one and download only the ones you wish to keep/use.

Why are you giving these beats away for free?

We are dedicated to providing artists, music mixers, song writers, and rappers with pristine, crystal clear Beats from every possible genre of hip hop in order to support you in making the best hip hop music possible.

I want to use these beats for commercial use, do I have to purchase a license first?

No. All beats on this site are Creative Common attribution 3.0 unported (CC BY 3.0) and do not require a license. However, you still need to give production credit to the producer.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. Learn More

How do I give production credit to the producer?

Giving production credit can be achieved audibly (through recorded vocals or other audible digital representation on the Master Recording) or in writing (displayed inside of an album/film cover or film credits that accompany the Master Recording).

Where do I find the name of a producer for a given beat?

Producer names are listed on each audio player after the track title and is also included as part of the file name on downloaded audio files (mp3s).

Can I make hard copy CDs of my recordings?

Yes. Unlimited reproduction of tangible copies of a recording on the Beat is permitted.

Can I make money from my recordings?

Yes. You are granted unlimited distribution of the recording for profit and non-profit use.

Can I post my recordings online?

Certainly. Feel free to showcase your recording on the Beat and post on an internet-based medium such as Myspace, SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook, or a personal webpage.

Can I use these beats in a live show?

Yes. You are granted unlimited use for live performances for profit and non-profit use.

Are there more details available about what I can and cannot do with these beats?

Yes. Take a look at the usage agreement. This documents spells out all the specifics.

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